The Journey Begins

When life slows down…

Thanks for joining me as our next journey begins.  A little background…My husband and I have dredged through the typical, hectic, stress-filled life of parenthood.  As we ventured through work schedules, kid activities, and home ownership, we grew TIRED!  Our weekends and days off were filled with errands, appointments, home maintenance, and occasionally, a nap.

Over the past 10 years I have endured 3 major surgeries, a few minor ones, and blood pressure medicine as a result of life-changing chronic pain and yes, a bit of stress.  My faith and family (our kids were incredibly helpful and my husband…well, I couldn’t ask for a better partner!) got me through every hurdle I have encountered but I remained TIRED!

Nearly two years ago the hubby retired from the Air Force with visions of relaxation.  But, he continued in the workforce, working a ton of hours.  And guess what? You got it, he is still tired!

As we encroach on the whole empty-nester thing, we decided we would sell the house and move somewhere tropical.  Our philosophy was “As long as there is rum, water, sand, and sun, we’re good!”   A few months ago as we sat on the couch, I casually mentioned we should first buy a fifth wheel and take two years to travel across the U.S. and Canada visiting all the sites we have dreamt of.  And so, a spark ignited and we have begun the planning process.  The excitement has ignited a new energy in us and so we begin the preliminary stages of our next adventure.  Join me for the journey with

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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