Christmas Blessings

I believe that this year I can make our new home just as festive as our old home. And maybe a little more cozy.

Spiritually, Christmas has not changed for me. But the way we prepare and celebrate Christmas has changed this year. We are on the road, living in Seymore (that is what I named our little home). I imagined living in our brick and mortar house until we were old and gray, welcoming the kids and grandkids into our festive home, and decorating our great room looking out over the rolling hills. But, things change. My health changed. So here we are in sunny (and unusually cold) Florida.

A new decoration on my favorites list.

The only time I have regretted selling our home is over the holidays. I miss the comfort, the big stone fireplace, and to be honest, the space of finding a little peace and quiet….alone. I also miss Christian’s bedroom. That is what I miss the most. (Because when your kid hurts, your heart aches for them. For Christian, this was his escape and his place of comfort). And he misses it too. A lot. But, I have had a lot of fun decorating our new home. I NEEDED to make it as familiar for Christian when he came home from college. So for the past month, I have been decorating and crafting whenever I have the energy and strength. I brought some of my favorite decorations (what would fit in our storage compartment). One of my absolute favorites is the little ceramic truck and camper our daughter, Carmen, gave me last year. I hope you enjoy my little tour. I am very pleased with the results.

One of the underbelly storage compartments is mine and mine alone. I have seasonal decorations and wrapping paper. I had a 3′ tree in there that I bought especially for the house. But after it was up, it just looked to small and we bought a 6′ slender tree. The 3′ tree is now an outdoor tree. I hauled out familiar decorations and crafted a few new ones.

All is calm, all is bright.

In the end, our home has the magic of Christmas. We are truly blessed. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

6 Comments on “Christmas Blessings

  1. I just read below, and had to laugh at eating Chinese food in Italy. I remember that and still talk about it. I remember it was our first night there and we had Chinese food just around the corner from our hotel -haha. And, I also remember the nasty capers and tuna fish pizza we had one night. It was so disgustingly nasty. Not only did we leave a tip, but we also left the pizza. 🤣


  2. Everything looks so pretty. Merry Christmas Karla to you and your family, we love you and miss you. Love dad and mom.


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