Are you ready to take your relationship with God to the next level? At Daily Guidance, we aim to guide Christians to live more joyful and spiritually mature lives.


In our online store, you will find books, as well as thoughtfully curated products, that encourage a deeper and more personal connection with God in your everyday life.

Corinthians 12:4

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.”

Daily Guidance, Refreshed and Blessed

Although our outward appearance and interests may vary, at the end of the day, we are all part of the same Spirit. To cater to our beautiful uniqueness, we offer a variety of literature to help people connect with the spirit that connects us all.


Browse through our catalog of books focused on spiritual growth and find the one that speaks to you most. If you are not sure what kind of book you would like to read yet, our blog Daily Guidance is a great place to start.

Do You Know Your Spiritual Temperament?

Knowing your spiritual temperament is an important step in your journey to a deeper connection to the Spirit, and unlocking a better you. Every Christian is born with spiritual gifts, and knowing your spiritual temperament is an important first step in uncovering your own. It will help you understand why you do the things you do, and how to use this knowledge to achieve deeper self-actualization.

Daily Guidance, Refreshed and Blessed

How Can I Find Out What My Temperament is?

You can take our free 5-minute quiz to find out yours—think of our spiritual temperament quiz as a personality test. Try to answer as truthfully as possible, and avoid thinking too hard about your answers. Usually, the answer that comes to you the quickest is the right one, since our intuition is one of the ways that God speaks through us.

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive notes to help you uncover your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, natural gifts, and how to achieve balance. Likely, many of the things you read will not come as a surprise to you (but some might!).

Why Is This Knowledge Important?

Knowledge is power. Having a deeper understanding of oneself is the gateway to more happiness, strength, and connection to God. Our strengths have a lot to teach us, but oftentimes our weaknesses have even more to teach. 

We are human beings, and we are all born with flaws. We all know this, but it is our commitment to personal transformation that is one of the most beautiful parts about us. 

Through our own journeys, we can enhance our spiritual practices and also inspire those around us. So if you still haven’t, take our quiz and begin the first step to finding out who you really are. Your spiritual self awaits!

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