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Refreshed And Blessed was started by Isaih Owens and Cassandra Cean-Owens, devout Christians. In Cassandra’s darkest moments, behind the walls of prison, Cassandra was used by God to instruct multiple Christian foundational classes, bible studies and served as a chaplain clerk that helped to fulfill the daily spiritual needs of many. After four and a half years in prison, a miracle unfolded, and Cassandra was released almost two years early. Shortly thereafter she was appointed as a chaplain for the New York City Police Department.

Amidst her years of confinement, Cassandra fought an internal battle, wrestling with the notion that God had abandoned her. But amidst that struggle, something incredible took shape, her relationship with God soared to new heights. The catalyst for this transformation was a simple shift: She stopped merely reading the Bible and started studying it with fervor.

Cassandra left prison with a mission to promote the glory of God’s Kingdom through the education and cultivation of Christians and these are the principles that Refreshed And Blessed were founded on. Isaih witnessed the mighty and transformative power of God and how instrumental study Bibles were in refreshing and blessing his wife, Cassandra, thus Refreshed And Blessed was created.

As a Christian bookstore and gift shop, Refreshed And Blessed’s vision is to provide you with the tools to elevate yourself spiritually and guide you in your spiritual journey. Through our thoughtfully crafted rich selection of study Bibles, Christian jewelry and literary resources, we aim to empower you with the tools for spiritual advancement.

Let us be your beacon, lighting the path towards a deeper understanding and greater communion with God.

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