Practice Self-Care

  We just discussed yoga as a form of self-care and exercise. It combines a number of strategies that help to curb the toxic effects of anxiety. If yoga doesn’t seem like your thing, that’s okay. There are plenty of self-care methods that you can take up instead. The important thing is that you mindfully […]

 Have You Tried Yoga?

  You now know that exercise of all kinds has some very positive effects on lowering anxiety. Getting yourself moving and in a different setting can have quite an impact on your brain chemistry, your attitude, your energy, and your emotions in general. One focused exercise practice has been shown to be particularly beneficial in […]

Gratitude Fights Anxiety

  Anxiety can have a number of physical symptoms, and it can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. Much of anxiety’s cause and its intensifiers are in the brain, however. No, I’m not saying it’s all in your head. What I do want you to understand is that your mind plays a powerful […]

Getting More Sleep Can Help

  There can be a number of things that contribute to your anxiety. Frequently, a predisposition to anxiety is encoded in your genes. Medicine and therapy can definitely help. Recent studies show that sleep deprivation plays a negative role in emotional processing. The ability to manage your emotions in a healthy way is absolutely essential […]

Using Visualization to Calm Down

  I hope you’re starting to feel positive about the ways you can take control of your anxiety through some simple life modifications. These changes can reduce the intensity and regularity of your anxious feelings, for sure. Sometimes, though, a burst of nervousness or panic can hit you out of nowhere. There are various relaxation […]

The Relationship Between Certain Foods and Anxiety

  Food is your body’s fuel. You’re aware that what you eat can significantly impact the way you feel. Sugar, for example, can give you a quick high, only to fizzle out before you know it. Eating fruits and veggies usually provides a longer-lasting source of energy. But did you know that some foods can […]

Control Anxiety With Regular Exercise

  So you’ve added walking to your anxiety-fighting routine and are now a believer in the power of a brisk walk for lifting your mood. That’s great. If you enjoy physical movement and its soothing mental effects, you may want to consider adding other types of movement to your life. You know exercise is great […]

How a Day Planner Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety

There are so many lifestyle changes you can make that have positive effects on your anxiety levels. You’ve learned that making changes to your physical environment, adding a nice walk to your day, and even incorporating calming scents into your surroundings can lessen the tension you feel. Taking control of your day and looking ahead […]

Calming Scents That Mellow You Out

Scents can be a very powerful thing. I’m sure you’ve noticed this yourself. Smelling a particular scent like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie brings back a childhood memory. The scent of coffee in the morning helps you crawl out of bed and wake up. Other scents, like that of a burning fire, may make […]

The Huge Benefits Of Meditation To Reduce Anxiety

Meditation is a great tool to help you calm down and get back to thinking clearly when you’re feeling particularly anxious. It can instantly calm down the overexcited nervous system and have you feeling more centered and ready to face whatever life throws at you. As helpful as it is in reducing anxiety on demand, […]