Discovering your temperament is one of the most helpful things to learn in life. You'll understand why you do the things you do and how to work with other temperaments. Plus, it's fun!

When taking the survey, focus on your typical behavior at home. Think of your core self and answer based on your instinctive behavior, no matter how you feel about it. Be honest with yourself. It may help to remember how you were as a child or before you experienced traumatic events, if you did. If you're not sure, review your answers with a spouse or close friend.

On each horizontal line you will be presented with four words. Rank each word on a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale. Write 4 by the word most like you, 3 by the word usually like you, 2 by the word sometimes like you, and 1 by the word that least applies.

Use all ratings (4, 3, 2, 1) in each line and use each rating only once. Example:

Strong-willed   1   Talkative  3   Peaceful  4   Precise  2 

Remember: 4 is most like you… 1 is least like you.


1 Strong-willed Talkative Peaceful Precise
2 Uninhibited Creative Take charge Accommodating
3 Organized Avoid conflict Confident Tell stories
4 Cooperative Meticulous Convincing Take risks
5 Innovative Easygoing Spontaneous Correct wrongs
6 Gentle Leader Promoter Thoughtful
7 Curious Avoid risks Idealistic Forceful
8 Follow rules Direct Popular Balanced
9 Loyal People-oriented Fearless Accurate
10 Focused Decisive Outgoing Agreeable
11 Courageous Dramatic Merciful Detailed
12 Perfectionist Fun-loving Patient Self-reliant
13 Excitable Supportive High-standards Competitive
14 Good-listener Assertive Sociable Conscientious
15 Adaptable Enthusiastic Daring Factual
16 Aggressive Cheerful Sympathetic Analytical