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Your Path To Spiritual Growth Starts Here

Discover Deeper Faith with "Bundles Of Blessings"

Refreshed and Blessed gives Christians access to tools, merchandise, opportunities, communities, and fellowship that provides them with the ability to establish a consistent and intimate connection to God and fellow believers that promotes spritual growth and personal transformation.

Our meticulously curated mystery bundles are designed to bring you closer to God, nourish your soul, and inspire your spiritual journey. Inside each bundle, you'll find three handpicked items and a Printable Bible Lesson or Journal carefully selected to foster your spiritual growth.


What's Inside "Bundles of Blessings"


Devotional Delights

Gain access to invaluable daily spiritual motivation and support to enrich your life through a deeper connection with God.


Soul-Nurturing Surprises

Your Bundles Of Blessings will include soul-nurturing surprises.

Why Us?


Devotional Delights

Unlike other Christian bundles and boxes, we focus solely on your spiritual journey, ensuring that every item contributes to your growth and spiritual maturity.


Personal Touch

Each bundle is lovingly curated, assuring you of a personalized spiritual experience.



Join our vibrant community of fellow seekers on the path to spiritual growth. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

VALUE BEYOND MEASURE.jpg__PID:719cbbdc-0fd9-4579-bfc5-1e17d5d80d0c

Value Beyond Measure

With a retail value of over $100, you can embrace this invalable spiritual resource for just $75 or less!

60% OFF on your first-time purchase of Bundles Of Blessings.

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What You GEt

Are you seeking a closer relationship with God, fellowship with Christian sisters and brothers, and a deeper spiritual journey that will personally transform you in amazing ways? Look no further! "Bundles Of Blessings" is your key to unlocking a richer, more fulfilling spiritual and personal life.


Christain t-shirt

One, or more, Premium Refreshed and Blessed Shirt, Christian T-shirt, or a selection of various Christian Apparel - Valued at up to $50.


Faith-based book

One, or more, 30-Day Challenge Journal, Christian Book, or a Faith-Based Book - Valued at up to $50.


Supper Bonus Gift

Plus, receive a bonus gift - your bonus gift will be any of our super surprises! Valued at up to $90.


...and more added value to come.

How it works?




get inspired



100% money back guaranteed within 7 days if you're not satisfied with your Bundles Of Blessings.

Free today

The Mustard Seed Of Faith Necklace

Get for free today with your first-time purchase of a Bundles Of Blessings.


$39.99 Value: Just Cover shipping and handling







  • Wearable Faith Reminder: Embrace a pendant featuring real mustard seeds, a tangible reminder that even the smallest faith can spark monumental change.
  • Stylish Sterling Silver Necklace: Enjoy a 20" sterling silver necklace that perfectly complements the pendant and dog tag. Elevate your style while carrying the essence of faith every day.
  • Handcrafted Symbolism: Revel in the artistry of this piece, meticulously created to encapsulate the power of belief. It's a crafted embodiment of the strength found in faith.
  • Dual-Sided Faith Tag: Get a charming dog tag engraved with "Faith" on one side and its Hebrew counterpart on the other. It's a symbol of unwavering belief and cultural in one elegant piece.
YES! Send me my necklace - before they're gone!

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